Get the look with our collection of mens clothing. We have the latest in alternative fashion goth , metal and punk rock clothing with some of the most distinctive and coolest brand designs available anywhere online.

Our mens clothing truly reflects an alternative personality and taste. From goth ,heavy rock and metal to emo or punk, and just about any alternative clothing scene out there. We have the clothes and accessories that allows you to perfectly and portray your personality . We have a catalogue with some of the more recognised brands. From Necessary Evil to Spiral Direct, our evolving stocks means you’ll always have a choice of  the latest threads. We update and add new items on a weekely basis so there is always a reason to have a quick look not to miss out on the latest stuff.

Affordable, with a selection of different sizes and colours to suit all, we have a range of different garmets that are similarly striking and comfortable. From long and short sleeve t-shirts to coats to hoodies, and trousers of all designs, we have the garmets to suit you.

For those looking to make a striking impression, why not choose our plain gloss jeans – perfect for heading to a bar or festival with friends. Should you want a hoody, our Hypnos mens black hoody is both stylish and supersoft. With unique features like thumb holes and studded straps this hoody is perfect for any occasion.

You’ll find that we also have a selection of band merchandise. Show your allegiance and attitude with official merchandise from some of the more respected alternative bands on the scence.

Take some time to browse our collection. Ordering online couldn’t be easier. Simply add any items to your cart and we’ll make sure to ship any purchases to you in a timely fashion.

Simply put, we have the darkest collection of alternative clothing online – here you’ll find the soul of goth and metal clothing!

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