About Us

Welcome to the Black Rose online store. This is the original Black Rose based in London England. We have been selling gothic alternative streetwear, goth and punk clothing and accessories online since 1995 and have been trading since 1991.

When we started trading online we were probably one of the first gothic alternative clothing stores on the web. We had a shop in Kensington Market London at the time and wanted to expand and sell gothic/ alternative clothes and jewellery worldwide so we decided to get online at a very early stage. This was the best decision we ever could have made. We noticed that the desire for gothic, punk and alternative clothing and jewellery was in a very high demand all over the world even in the smallest of towns in remote places.

As our shop expanded in size so did our website and when Kensington market closed we had to find a new location and found our self in Camden Town London. This was a great place to be if you were a Goth, punk or anyone loving anything different and alternative. Here our gothic clothing company grew and flourished. Online we were selling more and more of Goth and Alternative clothes and jewellery to an expanding number of countries. We kept trading online at our location in Camden town for over 10 years before we decided that the rates were getting to high and decided to move our online mail-order business outside central London. This helped keep costs down and allowed us to be able to keep selling  clothes and accessories at affordable prices to Goths and punks worldwide. The Black Rose retail store stayed in Camden Town London until November 2014 when we sadly had to close the shop after trading in the market for over 17 years due to extortionate rates, so at present we can only offer our products from our online store but we are looking for new retail premises and will open a new Black Rose retail store in London again when we find the right location ,watch this space ......... 

The black rose has always tried to keep a very large choice of Goth and alternative clothes available at affordable prices. This is a concept that we believe in, and we want as many people as possible to be able to afford to dress the way they want to no matter where they live. Black Rose gothic clothing emporium is not just a online store its an institution. We are the original Black Rose that has been selling Goth clothes and alternative fashion online long before most people did and we will be here for a long time to come.


Alternative Clothing , Jewellery and Accessories

Available on our website is over 3500 garments, accessories and cosmetics and a further 900 items of gothic jewellery. We sell gothic clothing, punk, Metal and alternative streetwear plus  jewellery to over 60 countries world wide and we keep expanding our alternative clothing range all the time.

Dragstrip London is a brand we created back in 2001 . The alternative market had started to morph with the rock n` roll scene in London and we were already selling brands like Lucky 13, Liquor brand and Steady Clothing so this brand was created for everyone who were into rock n` roll, psychobilly, punks ,tattoos, bikes, hotrods etc. We asked renowned artist Vince ray to make the art work for us for the Dragstrip range with great results. This brand did so well that we started to wholesale it worldwide for a period over several years with very positive results. For some years we did not produced a new clothing range for the Dragstrip but we now released a whole new Dragstrip Kustoms range in 2013 that is designed by our own talented staff and its available both retail and wholesale.

We want to thank all our customers over the years who have made the black rose to what it is today, thanks to you we will continue to offer gothic and alternative clothes at great prices for a long time to come....