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Carpe Diem Wriststrap
Carpe Diem Wriststrap alchemy ul13 ..
Pain Is Pleasure - Leather Strap
Italian leather wriststrap with intricately sculpted tattoo gun & etched scrolls. ..
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Sacred Ink Wriststrap
A lifestyle belief that's holier than thou. Stylishly modelled pewter & black leather wriststrap..
Thunderhammer wristband
The Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction, Mjolnir. Adjustable leather strap. leather ..
Skull Duster Bracelet
Skull-faced 'Knuckle Duster' bracelet. On solid curb link chain. ..
Solid, 3-dimensional, twin tattoo guns bracelet on heavy link chain. With engraved "UL13 INK" scroll..
Sailors Pledge bracelet
Pewter Anchor 'friendship'-style bracelet with Swarovski crystals, skull fastener & nautical sta..
Spectrostatic Nocturnium
Early scientific instrumental band for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations; in antiqued pewt..
Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys BRACELET
Matron of both house and workshop-laboratory, this, her bracelet made-up of some of her many technol..
Betrothal bracelet
A rococo masterpiece of romantic metaphor, with the blood red enamelled heart of passion.  ..
Robert Dudley s original design for the tracery moulding above the North entrance to Kenilworth Cast..
Curse of Ezekiel
The Old Testament's prophet of horror, with his foretold rising of bones coming to grisly fruition a..
Dead- cuff wristband
Bangle style bracelet inspired by traditional C18th pirate-style decoration and "dead man's" skull. ..
Killing Fields
A93: Assembled from the sobering detritus of all-out war. Available in two sizes.  ..
Vis Viva bracelet
The living power; overwhelming energy and the force of life encircles and liberates the wearer; with..
Poison Ivy Charm Bracelet
Abewitching blend of bitter-sweet, with Swarovski 'pearls' and pewter skulls and ivy leaves, to matc..
I Dieth
The ultimate allegory to the eternal-self and acceptance of fate.  ..
Bird of Death
Crest of the 'living corpse' of the Carpathians, Count Orlok, otherwise known as Nosferatu. Availabl..
In Nomini Patrie
In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost'; an amethyst Swarovski crystalmounted, Latin-..
Skull & Briar Rose bracelet
A beautiful romance, turned to death and ashes. Pewter & black resin with double ribbon fitting...
Headcount Chain Bracelet
Skull chain links woven together in perpetuity. Available in two sizes Medium & Large.   &n..
Pirate Princess Leather Strap
A sexy and feisty flourish from the age of daring grandiloquence. Leather strap with adjustable fast..
Kreepsville 666 White Skull Collection Bracelet
Kreepsville 666 Skull Collection Bracelet in black, elasticated bracelet, diameter approx 8cmKreepsv..
Runering - Dragon Strap
The runes of genesis, protected by the skeletal remains of a guardian-dragon; on an adjustable, blac..
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