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Elite Duellist (Metal Plaque)
Items produced under licence by 'The Original Metal Sign Co.  ..
Foundryman's Ring Cross Shirt Sleeve Band
Industrially influenced, Edwardian white-collar dress code, imbued with a strain of ancient Celtic f..
ALOM490: * Height : 400mm * Width : 300mm * Depth : 1mm * Weight : 619g ..
Gearwheel Buttons - Medium
15mm diameter. One gilt plated. steampunk gear buttons  ..
UL13 Playing Cards
Deck of full colour playing cards featuring UL13 Artworks. ..
Empire Spur Gear CUFF LINKS
Demonstrating the advanced state of ones existence by industrial exemplification.  ..
BLACK CAT Door Mat 62x43.5cm
Let this Mystical black cat be your only magical companion, with it s piercing purple eyes & pen..
For Fairy QueenNCountry (Metal Plaque)
Items produced under licence by 'The Original Metal Sign Co.  ..
Miasmatic Reactor Core CUFF LINKS
Atmospheric purifying and energy extraction device against the hazard of 'noxious air'. ..
A single black rose
A single black rose ! the perfect gothic gift! ..
Gearwheel Buttons - Small
2mm diameter. One gilt plated.steampunk gear buttons , a great little detail to your steampunk outfi..
CAT'S EYES Square Cushion
This magical witch looks very much like her beloved black cat companion, with matching piercing purp..
DEATH PRAYER Bedding + Pillow case
The grim reaper, death himself stands in a church doorway clasping his Gothic rosary & cross pra..
DARKSIDE UNLEASHED Bedding + Pillow case
Unleash your dark side with this evil vampiric demon design. Bedding + Pillow case is made of Top..
Royal Aether Force METAL SIGN
Royal Aether Force METAL SIGN ..
The Black Baron (Metal Plaque)
Items produced under licence by 'The Original Metal Sign Co.  ..
Key To Progress Shirt Sleeve Band
A masterly and stylish symbol of the times, and of the infinite possibilities for pioneers of the ne..
ENSLAVED ANGEL Bath Towel 75x150cm
This chained, enslaved angel sits with her head hung in sorrow in the middle of a pentagram, surroun..
DARK ARTS 2014 Calendar
An awesome calendar with all of your favourite Spiral images. Let us take you through the year with ..
Alchemy Tarot Card Set
Alchemy Tarot Card Set ..
Parisienne Absinthe Spoon
Alchemy's 'Notre Dame' gothic tracery version of the classic Parisian, 'Bon Temp' absinthe spoon; th..
Marquis de Lune walking cane
Marquis de Lune Ornate, cast pewter top, mounting a giant, 27mm sparkling, multi-faceted Austrian c..
Bouquet of Black Roses
The perfect Gothic gift - A Bouquet of everlasting Black Roses for only £15.99 Bouquet includes 5 ro..
Electromagnetic Spark Inducer Wallet Chain
Wallet chain with copper plated chain Supplied with trigger clip.  ..
FLAMING SPINE Bedding + Pillow case
Skulls, spines & bone, dripping in melting lava & blue flames. A fiery all over print. Be..
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