JUN 4, 2015

15 Unrivalled Goth Fashion Blogs of 2015

Whether you’re a part of the dark world of Goth fashion or simply like to keep up to date on the latest fashion trends, these blogs will give you the tools, tips and inspiration to get the most out of your gothic fashion and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for unique, inspirational Goth fashion blogs, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 15 unrivaled Goth fashion blogs of 2015.

La Carmina

la carmina

Described as a subculture fashion and travel champion, you may know La Carmina for her TV work and journalism, but we see her as one of the queens of Goth fashion blogging.

Her blog’s main objective is to showcase youth subcultures in a positive way whilst encouraging meaningful offbeat travel.

As well as this, her outfit photos section is truly spectacular and packed with inspiration, offering the latest and greatest in gothic fashion. A MUST read!

The Everyday Goth

la carmina

Mary Rose aka The Everyday Goth has been on our radar for a while, and we always love reading her posts, especially her fashion articles.

Her blog’s main objective is to showcase youth subcultures in a positive way whilst encouraging meaningful offbeat travel.

Offering tons of interesting make-up tutorials, clothing reviews and opinions on just about anything surrounding the Goth subculture, check out her blog or hit her up on twitter.

Madeleine Swann

the everyday goth

Madeleine Swann is you may know is a well known figure in the Goth blog culture, and you soon see why with the range of posts to feast your eyes on.

Topics include fashion, art, books, movies and valuable writing advice. The perfect blog for those interested in, well, everything!

Morbid Fashion


A tumblr blog filled with the latest, most interesting and grown-up Gothic fashion. Where? Right here!

Morbid Fashion is a blog dedicated to sharing the hottest looks in gothic fashion today, from runway fashion to personal style from a range of gothic bloggers, the go-to guide for gothic inspiration.

Created by Zellain Dystopia, be sure to hit her up on twitter or pinterest!

Sophistique Noir


Sophistique Noir is the go to blog for everything, well, sophisticated.

Although the blog isn’t specifically aimed at just Goths, it offers some really practical ways of combining the dark aesthetic of Goth fashion with everyday wear.

Her fashion sense is unique and we guarantee you’ll be feeling inspired after reading the first post. Also, her Pinterest page is more than worth following!

Bones & Lilies


Bones and Lilies are the thoughts of Finnish game designer Karoliina.

She’s been involved in the Goth subculture since her youth, and her blog is the perfect go-to guide for every aspect of gothic fashion and in particular make-up.

Her posts are always intriguing and diverse, be sure to like her on facebook and of course, check out her fantastic blog!

Desperate Hell

Enter the dark toned, hidden world that is Desperate Hell.

Another Finnish native blogger who showcases fashion, shoes, art, music, sewing and photography, you’re sure to find a ton of inspiration surrounding all of the above (particularly the fashion aspect as you’ll find on her Instagram)

Olivia Emily


Olivia Emily, a fashion buying and merchandising student, presents her sui generis gothic influenced outfits on her self-titled blog.

With endless seasonal outfit ideas and stunning photography to match, it’s hard to let her method go unnoticed (along with the thousands of followers she already has).

Check out her blog today, and give her a like on facebook.

The Walrus Room


The Walrus Room are the thoughts, opinions and fashion choices of Sarah Walrus.

Quite clearly an alt fashion and post-punk fiend, The Walrus Room outfits and fashion pages reveal a whole world of gothic outfit inspiration.

Find suitable outfits for any occasion or time of year, plus, her film and music tastes are hard to go unnoticed (they’re great!)

Pretty Lies


Find a unique combination of dark aesthetics and cultural fashion inspiration over at Pretty Lies.

Everything from gothic fashion inspiration to recommended books and movies, you’ll certainly enjoy the journey through the eyes of Pretty Lies (warning, awesome photography and filters).

Through the Looking Glass

Spectacular landscapes, eclectic photography and of course, dark outfits.

One look Through the Looking Glass will have you wanting more, we guarantee. Mothmouth, also known as Moth, showcases huge amounts of gothic outfit ideas with unique snaps to match.

Another MUST read!

Coffin Kitsch


Coffin Kitsch is a beautifully written personal style blog by Meagan Kyla.

Expect to find endless outfit ideas all of a dark, 80’s Goth aesthetic – think pin up!

This Is CorpGoth


Many of us who are part of the Goth culture sometimes have to make some tough decisions when it comes to what we wear, especially if you work in an office environment.

Never fear, This Is CorpGoth offers gothic and dark alternative fashion ideas for those working in a professional environment.

Many great outfit ideas for day to day living.

Vulcan Butterfly

Eccentric Gothic fashion and constant new make-up ideas, yes, that’s Vulcan Butterfly.

With many similar traits to This Is CorpGoth, we find another blog offering fashion ideas for the working professional, as well as a range of looks to suit all seasons and occasions. Must read!

Goth It Yourself


Goth It Yourself is one of the most interesting blogs online today.

Yes, we do see some fashion related posts, and they’re great, but you’ll find the majority of the posts are based around home improvement and DIY projects (all with a unique gothic vibe).
Created on 4th June 2015
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