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Bell-Telegraph Candlestick Aigleterre
A cascading inventory of components from the avant-guard of 19th century communication technology - ..
Kreepsville 666 blood splattered knuckle duster necklace
Kreepsville 666 enamel blood splattered knuckle duster pendant on extender chain with coffin char&nb..
£16.00 £9.99
Kreepsville 666 Black Skull Collection Necklace
Kreepsville 666 Skull Collection necklace in black, length approx. 50cmKreepsville 666 is now an imp..
Kreepsville 666 White Skull Collection Necklace
 Kreepsville 666 Skull Collection necklace in white, length approx. 50cm Kreepsville 666 i..
Dragon Skull (Pendant)
alchemy metal wear Dragon Skull (Pendant)  ..
Ace Pack Dog-Tags - Ball Chain
Pair of enamelled dog tags for the luckless gambler! Ornately decorated eNgraved reverse reads: 'To..
Black Knight's Cross (Pendant)
Black Knight's Cross (Pendant) ..
Skull Duster NECKLACE
Skull-faced 'Knuckle Duster' neck chain. On heavy 'Cuban' choker chain. ..
Skull of Azrael (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Skull of Azrael (Pendant) ..
Ace Of Spades NECKLACE
All the glam of Las Vegas. Pewter death's head holds the Swarovski crystal & black enamelled Ace..
Osbourne's Cross (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Osbourne's Cross (Pendant) ..
Birth of a Demon (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Birth of a Demon (Pendant) ..
Painted Lady Necklace
alchemy ul17 Painted Lady Necklace ..
Kaspar's Axe (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Kaspar's Axe (Pendant) necklace ..
Hole In The Head skull pendant
Resin skull on waxed cord thong.  ..
Pentagration (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Pentagration (Pendant) ..
El Corazon necklace
alchemy ul17 El Corazon necklace ..
Swallow Love necklace
Two colour enamelled Swallow pendant with Swarovski crystal heart, crystal 'strings' & etched "L..
Rose Heart
alchemy ul17 Rose Heart necklace ..
Spirit of the warrior Realistically sculpte feather headdress & skull pendant. ..
Spirit of Destiny (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Spirit of Destiny (Pendant)  ..
Banderas De Los Muertos necklace
alchemy gothic ul17 Banderas De Los Muertos ..
Mettle Eagle (Pendant)
alchemy metalwear Mettle Eagle (Pendant)  ..
Let's Rock n Roll mic pendant
Let's Rock n Roll mic pendant ..
Garden of Dark Desires
Garden of Dark Desires ..
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